Notice to the Market

SARAIVA S.A LIVREIROS EDITORES Publicy Held Company Corporate Taxpayers ID (CPNJ) 60.500.139/0001-26


Saraiva S.A. Livreiros Editores (“Saraiva” or “Company”) hereby announces to its shareholders and investors, as well to the market in general, that aiming to maximize the capture of synergies and seizing of opportunities among the several units of the Saraiva Group, the approval of the proposal for changing the address of the administrative headquarters of the Educational Systems Unit of Editora Saraiva from Ribeirão Preto to São Paulo, location of Saraiva’ headquarter, planned for the first half of 2014.

In this context, Jose Arnaldo Favaretto, who held the position of Business Officer of the Educational Systems Unit, is leaving the Company, after six years of important contributions and achievements.

Mauricio Fanganiello, Director of the Publishing Business Unit, assumes leadership of the Learning Systems, in addition to his current responsibilities.

The Publishing business made an important strategic move to aggregate even more value in the educational solutions offered, with the acquisition of the Pigmento Editorial S.A., responsible for Ético and Agora Learning System’ brands. Completed in 4Q07, the transaction marked the entry into the market for content aimed at Learning Systems, strengthening diversification and increasing Saraiva’s relevance in the Brazilian Publishing market. With integrated and innovative projects, the Company provides materials and services through educational solutions to hundreds of schools across the country, covering from pre-school to pre-university. It also provides educational support to teachers. Since the acquisition by Saraiva, the division of learning systems has obtained advances through the development of a complete catalog of renowned editorial quality, as well as the high level of service.

We also would to announce the hiring of Marcelo Ubriaco for the position of General Retail Director. Starting on January 20, 2014, Marcelo will report to Michel Levy, CEO of Saraiva Group. Marcelo has 24 years of experience in national and multinational retail companies, including: Casa Centro, Walmart, Lojas Arapuã, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, and, in the past seven years, Casas Pernambucanas. Marcelo has an undergraduate degree in economics from the Mackenzie University, completed graduate studies in marketing at FGV, and holds an MBA in finance from IBMEC.

We reaffirm our commitment to creating shareholder value and we will continue to strive towards this goal.

São Paulo, December 20, 2013.


Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer