Notice to the Market – National Textbook Program


São Paulo, June 30, 2015Saraiva S.A. Livreiros Editores (BM&FBovespa: SLED4), one of Brazil’s leading publishers and one of largest distributors of content, culture and education – hereby informs its shareholders and investors and the market in general: Saraiva‘s book collections approved by the Department of Basic Education, directed by the Ministry of Education (MEC), under the National Textbook Program for 2016 (PNLD/2016).

According to the results, Saraiva was able to approve 92% of the book collections (24 books approved out of 26) submitted to the PNLD/2016. This number compares to 87% in the comparable PNLD program, in 2013. We highlight the full approval of two integrated collections – Human Sciences and Nature – both new to the program.

For the next step of the program, MEC produces Textbook Guide – with a brief summary of each of the approved books that can be chosen by schools according to their pedagogical proposal.

For additional information, please contact Saraiva’s Investor Relations Area.

Chief Executive Officer and Investor Relations Officer

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