Notice to the Market – New E-commerce and M-commerce Platform

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Saraiva introduces new e-commerce and m-commerce platform

Saraiva S.A. Livreiros Editores (“Saraiva” or “Company”) hereby informs its shareholders and investors and the market in general that the Company will introduce its new e-commerce and m-commerce website on September 30, 2014. The on-time and on-budget relaunch of Saraiva’s e-Commerce platform, which receives an average of 15 million visits each month, represents another step taken by Saraiva towards multichannel expansion as part of its ambitious plan.

Fully redesigned, the new website captures the Saraiva in-store experience in a convenient, digital platform, offering tools that enable a more interactive, dynamic and engaging browsing experience. With the new platform, the Company is now in a better position to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients—in the same way we have earned their loyal support in our stores for decades.

Since 1998, when its e-commerce platform—among the first ones in Brazil—was launched, Saraiva has been operating with an integrated and multichannel approach, offering products and services to customers at or its bricks-and-mortar stores, where clients can pick up their online purchases (5% of online sales), if they wish to do so, being also able to purchase a product online and exchange it at a store. We seek to provide a unique and uniform purchasing experience. As a result of its multichannel approach, the Company has grown steadily in both channels. In the last five years, online sales have represented 1/3 of total sales.

Sales Performance (2008-2013)

The new platform allowed Saraiva to reinvent its online channel and create a user-friendly and reliable experience for its clients. Visitors of will experience a new purchasing process and in every click they will discover the website improvements, which include:

  • Fresh design and modern layout: bold graphics and playful photos.
  • Interaction: the sections in the website focus on their contents, allowing greater consumer interaction, since visitors can read an excerpt from a book, watch a movie trailer, listen to a piece track of a music CD, and read information about a product on a sampling basis, without being necessary to leave the homepage.
  • Easy browsing: improved search and browsing experience, consistent and clear product information (more than 2 million products), increased security, efficient and easy-to-use customer service, streamlined shopping cart and checkout.
  • Personalization: product recommendation, social network integration, enhanced registries and lists.

In addition to relying on a more agile, intuitive browsing experience, the new website is also better organized, having its menu divided into categories, with a more efficient purchasing process, as the number of steps has been reduced.

Saraiva intends to continuously make additional improvements to its website. With the launch of the new, the Company will have better control of its online transactions.

More than 5 technology partners were involved in the development of the new website, and our main partners were: Magento / Ebay Enterprise (provider of the e-commerce platform), Zero-Defect Test House (software quality test) and Agencia Digital Fbiz (creative, visual and interactive website designer).

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São Paulo, September 26, 2014.

Chief Executive Officer and Investor Relations Officer