Notice to the Market – Saraiva launches digital platform for audiobooks



São Paulo, July 27, 2015 – Saraiva (Bovespa: SLED3 and SLED4) (“Company”), one of Brazil‘s leading publishers and one of largest distributors of content, culture and education, with stand-out performance in Brazil‘s e-commerce segment, – announces today the launch of a new service as part of its digital platform: streaming audiobooks subscription – which allow unlimited access to the catalog of different publishers – in partnership with the uBook, pioneer in the development of technologies and production of this type of content in Brazil.

The launch of the system reinforces the Company‘s strategy to focus on content distribution in any format. The uBook audio player, available in the mobile programs and applications for Android and iOS, can be installed on devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks through platform.

“We have a long-term strategy to focus on users and we will continue to invest in new opportunities. Our market view is to reach new devices and platforms by offering services with recurring revenue model”, said Marcelo Ubriaco, vice president of Saraiva`s Retail business.

The service allows users to synchronize audio books between devices and applications from the point where you stopped. It is still possible to make markings or select chapters of the books. Among other features, in tablets and smartphones where users have the app installed, there is no need for internet connection, if users have already downloaded the content.

Currently, the collection includes about a thousand audiobooks narrated by professionals or by the authors themselves. It is also worth noting that dozens of works are added monthly to the catalog available through the curatorship of editors and releases highlights.


Chief Executive Officer and Investor Relations Officer

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