Notice to the Market – Saraiva Opens Its First Store in Nova Iguaçu


São Paulo, April 28, 2016 Saraiva is opening its first unit in Nova Iguaçu, in Rio de Janeiro state. With approximately 800m², the new space is located on the second floor of Shopping Nova Iguaçu mall, near the food court.

The architectural project was planned to improve customer experience, facilitating movement within the space and inviting customers to enjoy Saraiva not only as a place to shop, but also as an entertainment and leisure option for the entire family. The store has a modern and attractive layout, allowing for more fluid circulation and easier access to the categories of interest. Strategically positioned tables allow the best exposure of the products. The floor and lighting were also planned to make the environment more comfortable and cozy. The space also has a mezzanine.

The new unit brings the entire range of the chain’s product mix, with Brazilian and international literature, stationery, games, telephony, technology, music, movies, candy and LEV, Saraiva’s digital book reader.

It also has a space especially designed for youngsters, a special environment with its own visual identity, planned to attract this public. In addition to adventure, fantasy, horror, science fiction and comic books, Saraiva offers mobile phone charging stations. There is also an area exclusively dedicated to games, where, in addition to finding a complete mix of games and collectibles, customers can test products, encouraging interactivity.

“Saraiva identifies Nova Iguaçu as a strategic location for the expansion of the chain in Rio de Janeiro state. Shopping Nova Iguaçu mall is located in a region with a high concentration of schools and universities, a public that demands items for study and leisure, and Saraiva will offer a vast assortment of items to meet these needs”, says Marcelo Ubríaco, Saraiva’s Vice-President of Retail.

The Shopping Nova Iguaçu mall store is Saraiva’s 15th store in Rio de Janeiro state, where the chain is already present at Botafogo Praia Shopping mall, Boulevard Rio Shopping mall, Copacabana, IBMEC, New York City Center. Saraiva also has two stores in NorteShopping mall, a store in Ouvidor, Rio Branco, Sete de Setembro, Shopping Rio Sul mall and Shopping Tijuca mall, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and two other stores at Plaza Niterói.

For additional information, please contact Saraiva’s Investor Relations Area.

Chief Executive Officer and Director of Investor Relations

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