Saraiva announces record sales on the 2013 Black Friday


São Paulo, December 3, 2013 – Saraiva (Bovespa: SLED3 and SLED4), one of the major publishers in Brazil and one of the largest content retailers in culture and education, with stand-out performance in Brazil’s e-commerce segment, announces record sales on the 2013 Black Friday, an event that began in the United States which consists of e-commerce and retail promotions on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. On the 2013 Black Friday, more customers chose to shop at, an increase of nearly 80% as compared to the number of orders posted in 2012.

“Black Friday is the jump-start of the holiday shopping season. In this period, Saraiva offers one-off discounts both at brick and mortar and online stores. In 2013, a greater number of customers chose Saraiva, with a highlight for the sale of books. We managed to reach an unprecedented number of shoppers. ‘Our stores’ sales volume doubled in relation to the same period last year. On the e-commerce front, we processed three times more simultaneous accesses, at the peak hour, as compared to 2012,” said Pierre Berenstein, Saraiva Group’s Chief Operations and Retail Officer.

It is also noteworthy that Saraiva participated actively in the meetings the Retail Development Institute (IDV) and Fundação Procon/SP to define the best practices for consumers.

“Approximately one month ago, Saraiva received an important award1 for its services provided to customers, showing that the Company’s business strategy is customer oriented, and will continue to be so. We negotiate prices with our suppliers in order to exceed our customers’ expectations. Also, to meet peak demand and prepare for the holiday season, Saraiva reinforced its customer service and technology infrastructure to allow more stability on its website and prevent frequent oscillations due to too many accesses. In addition, we invested in a new distribution center to make our services more agile and efficient, with multi-channel interaction,” Berenstein added.


Saraiva is a leading publisher and distributor of content and services related to education, culture and entertainment, and as such plays an important role in many aspects of its customers’ lives. The Company operates its retail business through a multichannel concept, offering a wide range of products and services. Saraiva operates its online business through, which is fully integrated with its chain of storefronts, to ensure a nationwide footprint. The Company publishes and distributes primarily educational content in print and digital formats and through its Learning Systems, covering from pre-school to university, and also publishes technical and professional content.