Saraiva launches collaborative learning platform


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Saraiva launches collaborative learning platform

São Paulo, May 26, 2014 – Saraiva (Bovespa: SLED3 and SLED4), one of Brazil’s leading publishers and one of largest distributors of content, culture and education – a leader in the legal content segment and one of the largest in primary and secondary education teaching and supplementary educational material – hereby informs its shareholders and investors and the market in general of the launching of its collaborative learning platform ‘Saraiva Prepara‘ – developed in partnership with the educational intelligence company Adaptativa.

Maurício Fanganiello, Publishing Business Director, affirmed, ‘Saraiva Prepara has been developed to prepare students for tests, public examinations and public service careers. This marks Saraiva’s debut in the B2C (business to consumer) educational market, previously characterized exclusively by B2B (business to business) transactions.’.

The collaborative learning platform is already offering courses for OAB Brazilian Bar Association’s Unified Exam. Demand is high for OAB prep courses. According to data from MEC, the Brazilian Ministry of Education, Law programs have the second largest number of higher-education students in Brazil. With around 740,000 students enrolled, according to the latest census, they represent more than 10% of the higher education students enrolled.

Approval in the OAB Bar Exam is a prerequisite for registering with OAB as a lawyer. Students who graduate in Law from an accredited institution may take the Bar Exam, even before the official graduation ceremony. Senior students or students in the last two semesters are also allowed to take the exam, which is held in two phases – the first consisting of multiple choice questions and the second, a writing or practical test.

Currently, the ‘Saraiva Prepara’ platform offers on-line courses for the first and second phases of the OAB exam. The course for second-phase candidates promotes interaction among students and teachers to resolve certain issues or questions and the drafting of practical complaints required by the Exam. In the second phase, the educational solution is available for the subjects Criminal Practice and Labor Practice, identified as the main options selected by the Lawyers-to-be, according to an analysis presented in an Official OAB Report.

With the collaborative learning platform, a method never before used in OAB Exam prep courses, renowned professors teach the Exam’s correction criteria through video-classes, and students apply, jointly with their peers, the assimilated correction criteria to complaints drafted by other candidates. This is part of Saraiva’s strategy of creating and distributing content, technology and services in any format and device, making them accessible to our clients anywhere, at any time.

In the collaborative correction proposal, ‘Saraiva Prepara’ students may draft complaints, check their correction and see the accrued points in case they contribute to correcting complaints prepared by other students, under the supervision of renowned teachers. ‘This resource encourages students to make self-critical evaluations and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their complaints, adjusting training to the requirements of this phase of the Exam,’ emphasized Clécio Lima, a founding partner at Adaptativa.

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São Paulo, May 26, 2014.

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