Saraiva to Open 5 Stores in Viracopos Airport

Saraiva to Open 5 Stores in Viracopos Airport

Saraiva (Bovespa: SLED3 and SLED4), one of the leading publishers in Brazil and one of the largest culture and education content retailers, hereby informs its shareholders and investors and the market in general that it has signed an exclusivity agreement to operate five new stores in Viracopos International Airport, in the city of Campinas, state of São Paulo.

Expected to open in May 2014, the stores will be part of the International Airport’s expansion. According to Pierre Berenstein, the Saraiva Group’s Chief Operations Officer, “Saraiva won an international bid against around 250 companies. Viracopos is one of the biggest airports in the country, with enormous growth potential in terms of passenger numbers. Saraiva has developed concepts for every moment customers spend within the stores, with planned spaces that meet their specific airport needs, such as more room the furniture to make it easier for passengers carrying baggage to circulate.”

According to Aluízio Margarido, Commercial Officer of the concessionaire Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos (ABV), “As part of the ongoing expansion project at Viracopos, we have established a concession program to improve the shopping experience of millions of travelers. As a result, the space reserved for stores in the new Viracopos terminal is 8,000 m2, with the possibility of adding an extra 3,000 m2 in a second stage. The current area is only 2,800 m2.”

Viracopos is one of the fastest-growing airports in Brazil, and, ever since it began to be operated by the private sector, several improvements and innovations has been implemented by the concessionaire ABV. The project intends to turn Viracopos Airport into the largest and most modern in Latin America, and the stores will be located mainly in the restricted areas of the new passenger terminal, to be opened in May 2014.

Berenstein added, “With sales areas of 40 m2 and 220 m2, the new Saraiva stores will be located in different parts of the terminal and will offer a diverse product mix, including newspapers and magazines, new book releases, travel guides, stationery items, gifts, accessories and confectionery. Four of the five new stores will be located in the terminal’s restricted areas, i.e., the areas accessed only after passengers pass through the pre-boarding x-ray inspection, or when they use the airport for flight connections. The new terminal will be able to handle 14 million passengers per year, and up to 40% of these will be people with connecting flights. That’s why we placed most of the stores in the restricted areas.”

Saraiva is also taking part in Infraero bids for the opening of new stores in other airports and is alert to any other opportunities that may arise in the airport industry. It is worth pointing out that this expansion is not limited to the airports that are being operated by the private sector. Currently, Saraiva has 112 stores in 17 Brazilian states and the Federal District, one of which in Guarulhos International Airport, which opened in September this year and is the Group’s first store in this segment. According to Berenstein, the new agreement will expand the total number of airport stores to six.

About Viracopos International Airport – Located in one of the country’s most important technology hubs, the Campinas metropolitan area – served by major universities, highways and cutting-edge technology. It is considered a viable alternative for absorbing future traffic growth in Congonhas and Guarulhos airports due to its proximity to São Paulo city and its expansion potential. It has the lowest annual closing rate of any Brazilian airport, closing an average of only three times a year due to its privileged location. It is also a Brazilian benchmark for the handling of international cargo, especially high value-added products. Viracopos airport is one of Brazil’s major gateways for entry and exit of merchandise, as it is surrounded by excellent highways that allow the easy flow of products across the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, the Baixada Santista coastal area and several other Brazilian regions. The urban transportation system provides taxis and bus lines that connect Viracopos to the main cities in the Campinas area, as well as the city of São Paulo and Guarulhos and Congonhas airports.

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