Business Vision

Business Overview

Saraiva Group, a Brazilian publicly-held company with approximately 3.2 thousand employees (dec/17) which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014, creates and distributes content, technology and services by its physical store and e-commerce. With 102 stores in 17 Brazilian states and in the Federal District (mar/18), the Company has Brazil’s largest content, culture and entertainment retail chain, as well as sells its own portable e-reader—LEV. Since 1998, when its e-commerce platform was launched, it has been operating with an integrated and omnichannel approach, offering products and services to customers at or its bricks-and-mortar stores. Saraiva has a wide range of products which include literature, office supplies, music, films, games and software, telephony, electronic devices, magazines, and offers services such as sale of credit for prepaid cell phones, tickets, gift and prepaid cards, insurance, technical assistance, guaranteed delivery and home delivery.


Sales are handled via: (a) megastores, with sales areas of between 460 and 1,800 sq.m. and a catalogue of up to 71,000 items, including CDs, DVDs, periodicals, multimedia software, stationery, consumer electronics e educational toys; (b) traditional stores, with sales areas ranging from 110 to 480 sq.m. and 15,000 registered items, including books and stationery; (c) new traditional stores, with a catalogue of up to 29,000 items; (d) iTowns; (e) an airport store; and (f) e-commerce, through the website, whose catalogue has more than 300,000 items, including books, CDs, DVDs, stationery, computer-related items, electronic games, software, toys and periodicals.

Saraiva’s distribution capacity is especially important for publishers and authors due to its potential for acquiring and selling large numbers of new books and stocking backlists, as well as its capacity to promote books with the book-buying public through promotions in its stores.