Competitive Advantages

Competitve Advantages

We believe the Saraiva Group’s strengths are as follows:

  • Disciplined execution. We seek to provide our customers with a unique buying experience in our bricks-and-mortar stores and at, doing everything possible to ensure their satisfaction. We also provide specialized training for our employees, so that they are highly motivated to develop a strong degree of empathy with our customers. Our stores are welcoming and well laid out, and equipped with a large number of optical readers, allowing consumers to locate products and check prices in a rapid and efficient manner, while has a wide range of products available that can be quickly and easily acquired, with rapid delivery to our customers.
  • Brand. We have been operating for 100 years in Brazil, with a marked presence in the publishing and retail bookstore markets, having built a strong brand which is recognized nationwide for its quality. We believe that the strength and recognition of our brand, together with the flexibility with which we respond to market trends and the needs of our customers, constitute a competitive advantage that fuels sales and helps maintain a solid consumer base. We are also pioneers in many of our activities. In the publishing area, we were the first to sell law books and legal content over the internet. We also began the sale of customized editions of books in partnership with educational institutions. Currently, we sell books by chapter and content in the electronic media. On the retail side, we introduced the megastore concept to Brazil and took advantage of demand for product sales via the internet to expand our e-commerce product mix.
  • Omnichannel operation. We continue to explore new interaction models that ensure a consistent experience in all channels. Consequently, the sales model and the way in which we Interact with our customers is always evolving. Currently, Saraiva maintains high-volume channels (bricks-and-mortar sales and call centers), as well as e-commerce and, more recently, m-commerce (mobile) websites.
  • Complementarity of our business model. Integration of bookstore and website operations both optimizes our investments in inventories and ensures prompt service and comfort for our customers.
  • Alignment of interests between management and shareholders. We have an experienced and professionalized management team that is determined to create value. We employ an objective people management and evaluation system (EVA) which seeks to align management’s conduct with the interests of the shareholders.

Note: EVA – Economic Value Added is a method created by the American consulting firm Stern Stewart to determine who is making the best use of capital invested. EVA indicates how capital is employed in each operation of the company; in other words, its real profitability.