Growth and consolidation of our position in the market. Our growth strategy is based on the following initiatives:

Saraiva Group:

  • Focus on the consumer – Saraiva is well positioned to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. The Company strives to provide the best customer shopping experience through all of its channels and with all of its products, technologies and services, which are available on every device and through every format, accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Saraiva remains focused on fully integrating its operations, achieving synergies and updating its internal processes. The Company plans to unify its activities, which are currently spread among different locations, into a smaller number of spaces. This process is expected to reduce costs, improve communication throughout the organization and streamline the decision-making process. The Company also plans to increase its upselling and cross-selling of products and services to customers.


  • Expansion of Saraiva’s e-commerce sales through, with a unique business model. The e-commerce market in Brazil is growing more rapidly than the traditional retail market. As a result, Saraiva plans to consolidate its position in its current product categories and further diversify its mix of products on the market. The Company believes that a omnichannel strategy will maximize efficiency at every point of contact with its customers. Integration between the physical and online channels allows Saraiva to capitalize on the potential synergies between the two, generating competitive advantages over companies with businesses solely focused on the internet.
  • Selective expansion of brick and mortar stores. Brazilians are social by nature, both online and offline, making the country a perfect place for Saraiva to expand its national presence. The Company plans to open new stores in untapped markets and in new formats, such as airport stores.