What are the markets of Saraiva?

Saraiva S/A Livreiros Editores has the largest bookstore chain in Brazil, both in terms of revenues and sales area. In addition to books, Saraiva´s Bookstores sell CDs, DVDs, games, toys, stationery articles, multimedia, hardware, phones, movies rentals, and more. In December 1998, Saraiva started its on-line operations through web site Saraiva.com.br which has a lot of products and partnerships to sell products that is not the Saraiva focus, named marketplace concept.

In 2010, opened the first APR (Apple Premium Reseller), today we have 8 stores at iTown model.

Saraiva´s has 103 physical stores being 8 iTown, 36 Traditionals, 3 Airport and 60 Megastore model.

How many employees does Saraiva have?

In December 2017, Saraiva S.A. Livreiros Editores had 3,186 employees.

Where Saraivas shares are quoted?

Saraivas common shares (SLED3), preferred shares (SLED4) are quoted at BOVESPA (São Paulo Stock Exchange). Saraiva also has ADRs programs (American Depositary Receipt – level 1) for its common and preferred shares.

How does Saraivas tag along for its preferred work?

Shareholders os preferred shares (SLED4) have the right to dispose their shares upon the eventual occurrence of transfer of the controlling power of the company. This right consists of the obligation of the acquirer of the control power to make, within 60 days, a public offer for the acquisition of the totality of the preferred shares by price paid for the common shares that gave him the control, with a 10% discount.

Who audits Saraivas balance sheets?

RSM Auditores Independentes S/S
Phone: 55 (11) 2348-1000
182 Marquês de São Vicente Avenue – 2nd floor
Barra Funda – São Paulo/SP
Zip Code: 01139-000

Where can I find the Corporative Events Calendar of Saraiva?
How can I contact Saraiva?

Forward your questions to Saraivas e-mail: falecomri@saraiva.com.br

Saraiva´s corporate address is:

Rua Henrique Schaumann, 270
São Paulo – SP CEP 05413-909

What is Saraivas Capital Structure?

Saraivas capital is divided into 26,701,745 shares, distributed as follows:

Class/Type Nº. of shares
Common 9,622,313
Preferred 17,079,432
Total Shares 26.701.745
Which is the custodian and depository bank for Saraiva?raiva?

Custodian Bank in Brazil

Banco Itaú Unibanco S.A.
Tel: (11) 3003-9285

Service Agencies of the Banco Itaú Unibanco S.A. for the Saraiva shareholder

Service Centers

Belo Horizonte – MG
Av. João Pinheiro, 195 – Térreo
CEP 30130-180
Sra. Jussara F. Souza
(31) 3249-3534

Brasília – DF
SCS Quadra 3 – Edifício Dona Angela – Sobreloja
CEP 70300-500
Sra. Constância M. S. Oliveira
(61) 322-2075

Curitiba – PR
Rua João Negrão, 65 – Sobreloja
CEP 80010-200
Sra. Márcia N. Machado
(41) 320-4128

Porto Alegre – RS
Rua Sete de Setembro, 746 – Térreo
CEP 90010-190
Sra. Sinara N. Souza
(51) 3210-9150

Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Rua Sete de Setembro, 99 – Subsolo
CEP 20050-005
Sr. Paulo Jorge M. Tranchez
(21) 2508-8086

Salvador – BA
Av. Estados Unidos, 50 – 2º andar – Edifício Sesquicentenário
CEP 40010-020
Sr. Watson P. Barreto
(71) 319-8010

São Paulo – SP
Rua Boa Vista, 180 – 1.subsolo
(11) 3247-3139

Who should I contact in case of changes such as the transfer of ownership of shares or a change of address?

The change of registration information can be executed in the Banco Itaú Unibanco S.A. agencies.

To execute it, the shareholder must present certified copies of his RG and CPF, and an original proof of residence